buffy action figures for sale

Hi all i only have  the buffy vampire latex left if anyone is interested.  I have three buffy novels left too, everything else is sold.  You can email me at chipettes52 at yahoo dot com and i can send pictures, at this point i'm selling on an offer basest, as in you make me an offer and I'll probably except since i just want to be rid of these items they are the last of the the huge list I had for sale.  Thanks for looking.

i am adding my buffy action figure collection because well they are collecting dust in my closet and with the birth of my third child i just don't see them coming out of storage.  So off to a better home for them lol.  i have the following for sale :  Bad Girls Weasley, Lessons Dawn, Dark Witch Willow, New Moon Rising tara, Palz Jenny Calender, Palz Cordelia, Anya with Magic Shop register. All are still in the package except the last one.  I will take 10.00 each.  I also have willow and tara together forever but I'm selling it for 20.00.  Thanks so much for looking.

Looking for a home for these cats

Sorry if this is slightly outside the purpose of the group, guys. I cleared it with a mod first, at least.

Anyway, we're moving to England, and as part of the move, we need to find a home for our two cats: Fluffy and Pei-Pei. We could get them shot and chipped, but quie apart from the expense, the thought of them being tossed in the hold of a plane for hours, and destroyed at the other end if their chips don't work, is heartbreaking.

Fluffy and Pei-Pei are sisters, seven years old, and have lived with us their whole lives. Fluffy is like a cuddy toy of a cat, and is sweet, affectionate, and very cute indeed. Pei-Pei is smarter, funnier, and more adventurous, but also has a sweet side that she turns on if she really likes you. We want if at all possible to find a home for both of them together. They have both been spayed and do not have fleas. They were given immunizations in 2006, and have tested negative for FIV and leukemia. They've been indoor cats their whole lives, and are well trained in using litter boxes. They could be outdoor cats (and are fascinated with going outdoors) with a little adjustment.

We just want to make sure that they're well looked after by someone who would love them, so if you have a home you could give to two of the sweetest cats you will ever meet, please let us know by replying here or emailing me at irennie@gmail.com

February 6th @ Visulite Theatre

February 6th VALENTEASE!

tickets at the Visulite Theatre Charlotte, NC

Featuring Performances From:

Hanibal the Magician
David Golden of Robot Johnson
"The One Man Freak Show" Johnny Millwater
*The Southern Belle From Hell Renea LeRoux
*The Sweetest "T" in the South, Talloolah Love

And your Local Favorites: Nicolette Tesla, Sasha VonSchtupp, Robyn Banx, Cherri Muffin,
Johnny and Lefty, and of course....your Humble Hostess

Big Mamma D!